Focusing on inequalities and human rights throughout our Plan

Enabling everyone to have equal access to health and social care

During the last three years, Renfrewshire HSCP has demonstrated our commitment to addressing discrimination and delivering services that are fair and equitable to all, in meeting our responsibilities as required by the Equality Act 2010 and the Equality Act (Specific Duties) (Scotland) Regulations 2012. Our commitment to ensuring equality and supporting individuals' human rights continues to be central to this Strategic Plan.​

Protected characteristics:

  • age
  • disability
  • sex
  • ethnicity 
  • gender reassignment
  • religion or belief
  • sexual orientation
  • pregnancy / maternity 
  • marriage / civil partnership

We have outlined actions throughout this Plan to help us deliver on our 2020-2024 Equality Action Plan. We will:

  • Build Unpaid Carer friendly communities and increase the number of unpaid carers being identified.​

  • Work towards the LGBT Youth Scotland Charter of Foundations Award and become a champion of LGBT inclusion through development of an LGBTQ+ charter.​

  • Continue to co-fund a post to establish an integration network forum (IN-Ren), to co-ordinate and promote partnership across support, resources and services available to people from BAME communities.​

  • Improve the experience of people with physical disabilities and those with sensory impairments through our Independent Living Care Group.​

  • Continue to deliver training for staff and partners to raise awareness of Equality and Diversity and Unconscious Bias.  Our IJB, SPG and Senior Management Team have already undertaken this Unconscious Bias training.​

  • Continue to tackle stigma in all its forms.

staff standing outside Old Johnstone Clinic holding a LGBT flag and a transgender pride flag

"The information you shared with our participants will go a long way to encourage improving mental health and wellbeing activities among ethnic minority communities but will be highly appreciated if more resources are provided to support our work." - Chinenye Anameje from Pachedu 


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