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Renfrewshire is a diverse area of towns, villages and countryside covering 270 square kilometres and situated 7 miles west of Glasgow City. The area has excellent transport connections to the rest of Scotland and is home to Glasgow International Airport. Scotland's largest business park is situated in Hillington, and key campuses of the University of the West of Scotland and West College Scotland are located in Paisley town centre.

Just over 170,000 people live in Renfrewshire.  Over the next 20 years, the number of people aged 16-64 living in Renfrewshire is likely to fall and the number of children will remain broadly the same.  A major change will be that the number of older people (over 65) will rise by 51%. 2.8% of Renfrewshire residents are members of an ethnic minority group.

Life expectancy in Renfrewshire is lower than the Scottish average. There are significant variations within Renfrewshire, with male life expectancy in some areas being 18 years lower than in other more affluent areas.

We know that the gap in life expectancy (and in other outcomes) is influenced by the pattern of deprivation in Renfrewshire. Many of Renfrewshire's communities are found in the three most deprived areas (1-3).  The most deprived area in Renfrewshire is in the intermediate zone of Paisley Ferguslie, and it is ranked 1 in Scotland.  Renfrewshire's share of the 15% most deprived datazones has increased slightly from 4.2% in 2004 to 4.9% in 2012.

Health and Wellbeing Indicators

Click here to view an overview of the population in Renfrewshire and all the health and wellbeing indicators in the area. The 56 indicators are split into 13 themes (also called domains): population structure, life expectancy, mortality, behaviours, ill health and injury, mental health, social care and housing, education, economy, crime, environment, women and children's health, immunisation and screening. For each theme, comparisons are made between what is observed locally in Renfrewshire and results for Scotland.

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1.       Select the 'Health and Wellbeing profiles' from the first dropdown box

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