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October 4-10 is Challenge Poverty Week 2021 and in Renfrewshire we're working together to ensure that benefits and money advice for people in vulnerable situations is the very best it can be. Individuals and families also have increasing concerns about debts and new benefits and grants they may be entitled to but do not know how to access them. Or they may not even be aware of them.

Advice Works

Free money and debt advice

If you have benefits issues, are struggling with debt or are having difficulty managing your budget, Advice Works can provide advice. We offer free, confidential and independent advice on money and debt issues including budgeting, negotiating with creditors, and mortgage and rent arrears - as well as checking you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to. 

Help with benefit claims

We can provide information on how to complete benefit claim forms including Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Attendance Allowance (AA) and all other Social Security forms.

Make a telephone appointment

Please call 0300 300 1238 to make a telephone or video appointment to speak to a Advice Works advisors about welfare rights or issues with benefits or debts.

  • Monday to Thursday, 8.45am - 4.45pm
  • Friday 8.45am - 3.55pm

Alternatively, you can email


Renfrewshire Affordable Credit Alliance (RACA)

RACA is made up of a variety of organisations including credit unions, banks, advice services, Renfrewshire Council and more, working together to help you access fair and affordable forms of credit.

We have come together to champion fair and honest finance - and ensure everyone, no matter their income level, has better options that help reduce the risk of them falling into problem debt.

For information about local affordable credit options, >

Renfrewshire Carers Centre

Renfrewshire Carers Centre,  work with unpaid carers who may be eligible for certain benefits such as Carers Allowance and we want them to know there's financial support out there to help them. We refer Carers onto Advice Works to find out what financial support is available and how to apply. 

As well as offering information and advice, Renfrewshire Carers Centre supports adult and young carers by providing a range of services, including Adult Carer Support Plans, Young Carer Statements, Respite, Support Groups, Training and Emotional Support.  

Carers or professionals can make a referral on our website or alternatively you can call and speak to a Duty Worker on 0141 887 3643.     

Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau

Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) provide free, independent, confidential and impartial advice - available to everyone in Renfrewshire. 

They have a range of different services that can help you to address money worries. 

  • The Money Talk Team can ensure you are receiving any and all benefit entitlements, and look at other areas where you could save money. 
  • The Help to Claim Team can help you navigate your way onto Universal Credit. 
  • Money Advisers can support you to address debt issues. 
  • The Energy Team can help you ensure you're on the best deals and that you're energy efficient. 

The easiest way you can get in touch with CAB is by phone on 0141 889 2121 or to email or fill in a web contact form via their website

Not everyone has a phone, credit or the internet so we they also take your details if you come to the office at 7 Glasgow Road, Paisley PA1 3QS.

Renfrewshire Council - Energy Management Unit

Renfrewshire Council have been providing free, impartial energy advice for over 25 years. With increasing gas and electricity prices in the past week, along with many energy companies going out of business, the need for this service has never been greater. This service provides advice to residents of all tenure within Renfrewshire. Our specially trained in-house Energy Advocates are only a phone call or email away. With their years of experience, they can help to provide support and advice on a variety of issues such as:

  • Provide energy efficiency in the comfort of your own home (or over the phone at present)
  • Help you understand your fuel bills and meter readings
  • Act on your behalf when dealing with utility companies
  • Help you get the best out of your heating system
  • Recommend energy saving measures
  • Help those who are in or at risk of Fuel Poverty are signposted to the services available to them.
  • Advise you on cheaper deals for electricity and gas
  • Help you switch energy providers and payment methods
  • Help you monitor your energy usage efficiently, to avoid accumulating fuel debt
  • Help you agree payment plans with energy suppliers
  • Ensure that you are re-paying any arrears at a reasonable rate
  • Ensure that householders have access to any emergency financial assistance offered through the utilities social initiatives

Referrals are made to the service in a number of ways through external organisations such as Housing Associations, Citizens Advice, RAMH etc. The service also gets internal referrals from Advice Works and Social Work along with referrals from Councillors.

Help and support is available by contacting the energy advocacy team direct at or using the mobile number 07958 011104. Alternatively, the council switchboard will also forward your call.

Additional help and support is also available from Home Energy Scotland who can be contacted on 0808 808 2282

Renfrewshire Foodbank 

In addition to providing emergency food and essentials to people struggling with food insecurity Renfrewshire Foodbank also offers visitors specialist money advice. 

A specialist money adviser provides free, confidential and independent support with money and debt issues. 

This service is available for anyone who needs the help of Renfrewshire Foodbank for emergency food.

Additional local support 

My Credit Union Renfrewshire

There are 5 Credit Unions operating in Renfrewshire of varying sizes, offering a variety of services: Gleniffer Credit Union; Johnstone Credit Union; Renfrewshire-Wide Credit Union; Scotwest Credit Union and White Cart Credit Union.

My Credit Union Renfrewshire is your one stop shop for these credit unions. They provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice about joining a credit union and to signpost you to one that suits your needs.

Whether you are looking to save for your future or looking to access ethical, affordable finance -

Homelessness Help and Advice

 Help and advice for people who are, or worried about becoming, homeless -

Call 0141 618 7200 

  • Monday to Thursday 8:45am to 4:45pm
  • Friday 8:45am to 3:55pm

Call: 0800 121 4466 at all other times.

Or email

Invest In Renfrewshire -

Help people find jobs and give them the skills they need to stay in employment 

Call:  0300 300 1180  

National support 

The Money Advice Service

provide support with finances and budgeting, providing easy to use tools you can use to manage your money better and there is a web chat function for instant advice -  

Social Security Scotland

can help with some newly developed benefits which you may be entitled to, if you want to check for yourself visit - .

Universal Credit

Help to Claim Universal Credit - 0800 023 2581



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