​An introduction from the Chair of Renfrewshire IJB​ and our Chief Officer

This is Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership's (HSCP) third Strategic Plan since it was established in 2016. ​

We have made good progress towards delivering on the priorities agreed in our most recent Plan, which covered 2019-2022.  In that period, our Plan considered each individual Care Group in detail and identified priority areas which the HSCP would strive to deliver upon, alongside our partners.  ​

However, for over half the duration of our previous Plan, the HSCP and wider society have been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. ​

The pandemic has had a significant impact on everyone's lives and in many areas, we have worked flexibly to refocus our priorities to adapt to the needs of the rapidly changing environment.​

This Plan looks to continue to progress those priorities which have increased in importance in the last 24 months.​

The following sections provide further information on how we have developed this Plan, and the context in which we have engaged with a range of people, groups and organisations to develop a set of agreed priorities. ​

We have taken a different approach to identifying our objectives, focusing on a range of themes which underpin how we deliver services, rather than looking at individual service areas themselves.  We have also sought to place equalities and lived and living experience at the heart of our Plan.​

This Plan is for the health and social care system in Renfrewshire, not just the Partnership. Its wider context remains challenging with the potential for significant future change in how social care services are delivered across Scotland. We also continue to deliver COVID-specific services which were unanticipated only a short time ago.​

We would like to thank everyone involved in developing this Plan. Renfrewshire HSCP is a people organisation, providing support for people, by people. We are immensely lucky to have such dedicated staff who more than ever, through the pandemic, have shown their commitment to the people of Renfrewshire they care for and support. ​

Only by continuing to work together can we realise our vision:​

John Matthews and Christine Laverty


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