Our approach to developing the Strategic Plan

Developing this Plan​

This Strategic Plan is one element of the very complex landscape in which health and social care is provided to local citizens.  In developing this Plan, the HSCP and partners were focused on ensuring that collaboration and engagement were at the heart of co-produced themes and objectives.​

This process of engagement has helped us to shape the approach and structure of our Strategic Plan for 2022-25 and we have sought to reflect feedback throughout.  This Plan looks very different to our previous Strategic Plan, with a focus on our Strategic Themes rather than a detailed overview of each Care Group the HSCP supports.  We believe that this better represents how people utilise health and social care support in Renfrewshire - people are not defined ​

by a diagnosis or the nature of support they access. To provide further detail we will supplement this Plan with an annual Strategic Delivery Plan.  This will be informed by annual development plans for each Care Group, setting out objectives for each year of the Plan. These Year 1 plans will be published in June 2022 and will provide further information on specific priorities for each Care Group.​

Our annual approach reflects the difficulty many stakeholders have identified in thinking about the next three years while we have been responding to the pandemic.  We recognise this challenge and have therefore aimed to set out an overarching direction of travel in this document. ​

The diagram below sets out the collaborative approach taken to developing this Plan. ​

Preparation and Planning

  • Review of previous plan and good practice examples (public and non-public sector)
  • Design of updated Care Planning Group structures
  • HSCP develop and agree principles for the Plan with Strategic Planning Group and IJB.

Plan Development

  • Development of framework and testing with stakeholders
  • Implementation of Care Planning Groups and development of action plans
  • Confirmation of Health & Wellbeing priorities with Strategic Planning Group (SPG) subgroups
  • Development of first consultation draft.

Consultation and Refinement

  • Consultation with prescribed and extended group of consultees December 2021 to January 2022
  • HSCP review of feedback and refinement of Plan as appropriate
  • Preparation of final draft of Plan and submission to IJB for approval in March 2022.



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