Renfrewshire Strategic Planning Group's Health and Wellbeing Priorities

The Development of Health and Wellbeing Priorities for Renfrewshire

Renfrewshire HSCP has agreed with Community Planning partners that it will coordinate Renfrewshire's approach to improving health and wellbeing in our communities. In response, our Strategic Planning Group (SPG) has agreed six health and wellbeing priorities, which are described below. We also feature some examples of projects funded to deliver against these priorities on the following pages. These priorities support the delivery of the themes set out in this Strategic Plan and in particular align with the focus of the HSCP and our partners on prevention and early intervention and the development of support within our communities to improve the wellbeing of local citizens.

Healthy and Active Living

Making healthy choices easy choices by ensuring that being active and eating well are accessible, affordable, enjoyable and local. Building resilience and capacity within local communities in a scalable and sustainable way.


Place and Connectedness

Helping people feel connected to their communities and addressing loneliness and social isolation by raising awareness, promoting access to information and engaging with the most at risk through neighbourhood initiatives. 


Mental Health

Addressing the low-level mental health issues that affect people on a daily basis by providing accessible information on, and developing, appropriate supports.



Reducing the health inequalities currently present in Renfrewshire and subsequently improving health outcomes in particularly affected groups e.g., BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic); people in lower socio-economic groups.


Early Years and Vulnerable Families

Developing support for children in their early years up to 5 years of age, or pre-school; and vulnerable families disadvantaged by adverse circumstances or inequalities that can lead to poorer health, developmental and educational outcomes.


Housing as a Health Issue

Recognising the importance that housing plays in people's health and wellbeing and working together to prevent homelessness, support older people, and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Examples of some of our funded projects

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