The role of Housing in improving health and wellbeing

A Summary of our Housing Contribution Statement

Good housing is central to tackling some of the most pressing health challenges and plays a critical role in improving health, wellbeing and social care outcomes for people in Renfrewshire. ​

Our aim is to ensure that people have access to the right home; one that is accessible, warm, safe, secure and affordable, in the right place, with the right support, to ensure that people live longer, healthy lives in their own community.​

The Housing Contribution Statement is the 'bridge' between strategic housing planning and the Strategic Plan. It identifies the contribution of the housing sector in meeting our agreed outcomes. ​

The two key themes that interlink these plans are: ​

  1. Housing as a health issue; and​

  2. Supporting people to live independently in their own home ​

These themes are woven throughout the Strategic Plan and Housing Contribution Statement. However, these commitments should not be viewed in isolation but as key elements of delivering effective health and social care to the people of Renfrewshire.​

    "The right to an adequate standard of housing is inextricably linked to the right to the highest attainable standard of health. We can't have one without the other. The right to health is an inclusive right. This means that it is not just the health service that should meet these standards, everything that influences our health should be accessible, available, appropriate and high quality if we are to have a healthier Scotland"​ - Matt Lowther, Blog on Public Health Scotland website, 2019




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