Partnership Working and Local Governance

Effective partnership working enhances levels of openness and engagement and allows us to maximise the contribution that each partner can make to the quality of service delivery, and to the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.​

The social housing sector plays a pivotal role in our joined-up collaborative approach in Renfrewshire which enables us to improve the outcomes for local people. Their continued involvement provides them with an opportunity to directly influence  local policy.​

There are several elements of governance which support delivery of the Housing Contribution Statement and ensure clear alignment between all elements of local housing strategy:​

  • Integration Joint Board ​

  • Strategic Planning Group ​

  • Housing as a Health Issue Subgroup​

  • HSCP and Communities and Housing Liaison Group​

  • Housing Providers' Forum ​

  • Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan Steering Group​

  • Housing-led Regeneration Partnership Board#

Therefore, the shared outcomes, priorities and actions that are set out in the following sections have been influenced and agreed by the wider partnership.

FLAIR is The Federation of Local Housing Associations in Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire and is a  partnership of six housing associations including: Bridgewater, Ferguslie, Linstone, Paisley, Williamsburgh and Barrhead.​

FLAIR is a key strategic partner in Renfrewshire and plays an active role in the Strategic Planning Group and chairs the Housing as a Health Issue Subgroup. In addition, each of the local housing associations is a member of the Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan Steering Group and the Housing Providers' Forum.

Shared Outcomes - Renfrewshire Local Housing Strategy 2022-27

Strategic Priorities​

Strategic Priority 1: The supply and delivery of housing is increased across all tenures to meet the housing needs of different groups and create attractive and sustainable places.  ​

Strategic Priority 2: People live in high quality, well managed homes in sustainable neighbourhoods.​

Strategic Priority 3: Address the challenges of the climate emergency, delivering homes that are warm and energy efficient, and ensure fuel poverty is minimised.​

Strategic Priority 4: Preventing and addressing homelessness with vulnerable people getting the advice and support they need. ​

Strategic Priority 5: People can live independently for as long as possible in their own home and the different housing needs of people across Renfrewshire are being met.​



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