Pregnancy, Maternity and Early Years Staff Resource

A collection of resources offering support for staff engaging with families around the cost of living

This resource has been developed to support staff and provide them with up-to-date information on a variety of different resources offering support that they can use and discuss when engaging with the families that they work with. As well as information on what is available for families, this resource includes information on eligibility, what the family would receive and what the referral or application process would be. Staff may be asked about a wide range of benefits and support that is needed for families. It's important to remember that staff do not need to be experts, but rather they should refer on where required for specialist support.

The online resource can be found on Engage Renfrewshire's website - 

You can also download and print a copy of each of the topics areas: 


General Support for Parents and Carers [9MB]

Specific Support for Pregnancy and Maternity [2MB]

Specific Support for Early years [2MB]

Specific Support for Starting School [2MB]

Further Support [727KB]

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