Renfrewshire Integration Joint Board

Integration Joint Boards (IJBs) are separate legal entities from both the NHS and the Council. IJBs are the main decision-making body for the HSCP and have a legal duty to include key stakeholders in its decision-making processes.

Legislation sets out how the IJB must operate, including the formation of its membership.  The membership of the IJB has two categories: voting and non-voting.  Voting members represent the NHS and Council whilst non-voting members are a prescribed list of key stakeholders that should be involved in the planning and decision-making.  The non-voting membership can also be extended to include additional local stakeholders if required.  In Renfrewshire we have extended our membership to include representation from our local Trade Union and staffside colleagues. 

The IJB meets regularly throughout the year. A copy of the schedule of meeting dates, agenda, minutes, supporting papers and recent previous meetings are available in the link below:

Renfrewshire IJB meeting dates, agenda and minutes

The tables below detail the membership of Renfrewshire IJB. 

Voting Members

Meet the IJB Voting Members 

Elected Members from Renfrewshire Council


Cllr Jennifer Adam (Chair)

Cllr Jacqueline Cameron

Cllr Fiona Airlie-Nicolson

Cllr Iain McMillan


Non-Executives of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Board

John Matthews OBE (Vice Chair)

Margaret Kerr

Francis Shennan

Ann Cameron-Burns



Non-Voting Members

Chief Officer     

Christine Laverty

Chief Finance Officer    

Sarah Lavers

Chief Social Work Officer

John Trainer  

A Registered Nurse representative

Karen Jarvis

A registered medical practitioner representing GPs

Dr Stuart Sutton

A registered medical practitioner representing other medical interests


A member of staff from social work, representing front-line delivery

Lisa Cameron

A member of staff from the NHS, representing front-line delivery

Paul Higgins

A third sector representative, representing front-line delivery

Alan McNiven

A service user representative

Stephen Cruikshank

A carer representative

Fiona Milne

Trade union representative (Council)

John Boylan

Trade union representative (NHS)

Annie Hair





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