Staff Development Programme

Renfrewshire HSCP is committed to supporting and developing our staff and enabling them to apply their strengths and talents across our services. Our staff are a critical asset to supporting the delivery of our services and it is important that we invest in the development of knowledge, experience and skills for our current and future workforce requirements.

This support will include: enabling opportunities within existing roles held by staff; contributing towards enhancements of career pathways; supporting areas of recruitment and retention challenge and support succession planning across our organisation into key roles.  The aligned funding will be used to fund or part-fund a range of training and other staff development opportunities, including external training courses and longer-term courses of study and academia. 

HSCP - Staff Development Programme


The following are the criteria to support the application process:

  • This is being made available to all staff within Renfrewshire HSCP that are employed by Renfrewshire Council and/or NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.

  • The intention is to support staff development and it is recognised that this can be provided in a range of means and modes to best suit the needs and circumstances of the staff member.  It is not intended to fund academic conference attendance and similar like events, which would be subject to separate considerations through service management routes.  

  • Applications should be completed by the employee and be supported by their immediate line manager, including agreements to support any requirements for time to be allocated for the study, attendance at examinations and similar.

  • The proposed area(s) of development should be relevant to the employees current post or their next foreseeable career move and should align with a development need(s) identified within the employees annual review discussions.

  • It should be noted that funding is finite and, therefore, not all applications may be successful.  In order to assist with the consideration, please ensure that you provide detailed information in the application, including clear rationale of the personal and professional benefits/outputs you expect this to provide but also, where possible, supporting evidence of the syllabus/costs etc from the proposed provider.

  • This scheme will launch from November 2022 and applications will be accepted throughout the financial year, subject to there being sufficient funds remaining within the budget at the time of application. 

  • Awards of funding will be dependent on both the availability of resources as well the cost, duration and level of support identified.  Note that should your course of study span over more than one year, this should be clearly documented in the application stage and the proposed phasing of funding detailed within your application to support the consideration and planning for funding payments to be generated.

  • Note that all funding awards will be processed through a purchase order or direct payment by the HSCP directly to the course providers.  Individuals would not be expected to pay for course fees directly and should seek to provide detailed costings with their application, including, as outlined above, phasing considerations, where applicable. 

Application Process

It is expected that there will be a high demand to access this exciting new opportunity from a number of staff within the organisation.  In order to ensure a coordinated process around the associated processes, the application process has been developed to assist in taking forward the relevant materials to support the consideration in the first instance.  

Given the anticipated volume of requests, all incoming applications will be considered via the Senior Management Team on a monthly basis, with an outcome provided on each application and an outline of the associated next steps reported back to employees and their line manager.   

The Staff Development Programme is a new process and funding decisions are based on the information within the application form. It is therefore essential that staff consider carefully the content of their application and discuss it fully with their line manager to secure their support prior to submitting the application form. All applications are considered.



As this concept and approach is relatively new, we are keen to work progressively to enhance it as it evolves.  We would also seek participation and feedback from staff that are part of the process to support some output and evaluation works, including reporting and showcasing the successes both from a personal, professional and organisational perspective in a range of platforms to support the continued awareness and successful delivery of this effort. 

To apply, please click on the link to the Online Application Form.

If you have any questions please contact -

Meet colleagues, who have already applied: 

Tracey Smith, Admin Team Lead  

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