Community-Based Groups and Activities

Well in Renfrewshire aims to increase the availability and knowledge of community-based and community-led wellbeing opportunities in Renfrewshire.

The WiRe map aims to make community resources in Renfrewshire easy to find. There are two ways to view the information:

  • as a map with a text table below the map (page 1 of 2); or
  • as a text only table (page 2 of 2)

View the map or text only table

  • Click the double headed arrow in the bottom right corner of the display to open in full-screen mode.
  • Click < or > at the bottom of the display to move between the map view (page 1) and the text only table view (page 2).

View information about a resource

  • Click a box next to a Town or Category to select where you are looking and what type of activity/group you are looking for.
  • All resources in that town or category will be displayed as dots on the map as well as in the table below the map.
  • Click a dot to get more information about resources (the information will be displayed in the table below the map).


Guidance on using the WiRe map  WiRe Map Guidance [1MB]

If you would like to request a change to any resource information, please complete this form.

We have added links below with more useful information to connect you to other events and activities.

One Ren  Find out about culture, leisure and sporting opportunities across Renfrewshire What's On in Renfrewshire.

Paisley IS  Find out about great events happening across Paisley and Renfrewshire Events across Paisley and Renfrewshire.

CPT logo  Find toilets which have equipment to help people either get on the toilet or to have their continence pad changed Changing Places Toilets.

BFS  Find venues that are signed up to the Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland Scheme Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland Map


If you have any questions or comments about this page, please contact the HSCP's Community Partnerships Team


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