Community Paediatric Nursing Service

We provide practical nursing care for children with acute nursing needs up to 16 years old (or 18 if your child is in specialist education) in your home or any other community setting. If your child has emergency treatment, the care we offer can reduce the time they spend in hospital and sometimes result in early discharge.

Children's Services / young children playing

We can help you and your child by offering a wide range of support. Our nursing care includes chronic or complex healthcare needs, care after an operation and palliative or end-of-life care. We provide assessment and care for any child with a disability and long term care in Additional Support Learning school (ASL) including immunisations.

Our care and support is designed to help you feel that family life is possible and that any disruptions are minimal. We strengthen this network of support for you by educating and training you, your family, carers, nurseries and schools, respite services and other agencies in the community. It's this co-ordinated approach between agencies that means we can meet the nursing and healthcare needs you and your family require at home.

If you are concerned about your child's development, a referral can be made through your child's health professional.

Aranthrue Centre
103 Paisley Rd,
Renfrew PA4 8LH
Tel:  0141 314 4603

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