Paediatric Physiotherapy

Our paediatric physiotherapists provide advice, treatment and support to help your child reach their full potential and recover from injury or illness.

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Injuries, illness or disability can mean your child might be affected by a wide range of conditions including respiratory, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions. We carry out assessments that look at how a difficulty is impacting your child's life and the likelihood that we can make a difference.

We work together with you and other agencies, such as your child's school, to help your child through movement and exercise and manual therapy. We also provide education and advice. This treatment can take place in various places including hospital, at home, or another community setting such as your child's school or nursery.

Paediatric physiotherapy in Renfrewshire would like to announce a new service for children under 5; the drop-in clinic will be run out of the Aranthrue Centre, Renfrew on the second Thursday of every month.  Physiotherapists will be available from 09:30 until 12:30 on the dates listed.  No appointment is necessary, however due to this system families may have to wait a short time to be seen.  This service will not take the place of the referral system but will augment it.  With the drop in service we hope to provide families with quick and easy access to our service where there are ongoing concerns regarding physical development which have not been alleviated with universal level advice and reassurance.  Children with complex conditions requiring multidisciplinary support should still be referred as per the existing pathway.

We can receive referrals from you, your child's GP or health visitor

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Tel:  0141 314 8995



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