Being homelessness can have a detrimental effect on your general health and wellbeing, as very often the need to find a place to live takes priority.

Our Housing Advice and Homelessness Service is here to help - we can provide temporary accommodation, giving you an address so that you can register with a doctor.

It's very important to register with GP, as they can refer you on to other health services. Occasionally, the practice nurse will arrange an appointment with you before you see the doctor.

If you move into a different GP catchment area, you may be asked to register at a new GP practice. It's simple to find a list of local GP practices using our postcode search within My Local GP & Other Services.

Remember, not all health services need a referral from a GP. 

There is also support available to help homeless people get access to dental care.  Smile4life is a programme run by NHS Health Scotland to help homeless people improve their oral health. This has great benefits for general health and wellbeing, and visiting a dentist gives you an opportunity to receive help for any problems affecting your mouth, teeth or gums.

To find a local dentist, visit our Local GP and Other Services section within the website.

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