Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most common and serious types of cancer. Every year, about 44,500 people are diagnosed with the condition in the UK.

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There are usually no signs or symptoms in the early stages of lung cancer, but many people with the condition eventually develop symptoms that include:

·         a persistent cough

·         coughing up blood

·         persistent breathlessness

·         unexplained tiredness and weight loss

·         an ache or pain when breathing or coughing.

You should see your GP if you have any of these symptoms.

If you've had a cough for three weeks, it's worth getting it checked out with your GP. The chances are it's nothing to worry about, but it could be a sign of lung cancer.

Below is a list of other symptoms that you should see your GP about. Having one or more of these doesn't mean you have lung cancer, but visit your GP to be on the safe side:

·         a cough you've had for three weeks or more

·         a cough you've had for a long time that's got worse or changes

·         feeling breathless for no reason

·         a chest infection that doesn't clear up

·         unexplained weight loss

·         chest or shoulder pains

·         unexplained tiredness or lack of energy

·         a hoarse voice.

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