Care at Home

Do you need support with daily tasks and activities to help you live at home and as independently as possible? Our Care At Home Services can provide a wide range of assistance, including reablement, community alarm/technology enabled services (TECS), extra care housing, community meals and home respite. And you don't have to live alone to benefit from our services.

Reablement is an important part of our service, as it's designed to help you remain as independent as possible by supporting you to regain skills and confidence if you've been ill, have had an accident or have a disability.

If you need more long-term support, we'll do a full assessment of your needs. This is known as a Single Shared Assessment (SSA) and, with your permission, we may share it with other professionals who are involved in your care. You'll be fully involved because it's important that the support you get meets your needs in the best way to achieve the outcome you want.

If you are assessed as needing a service, Self Directed Support (SDS) gives you four options to help you organise this. SDS aims to give you as much choice and control as possible over how your support is planned and provided.

We also provide an out-of-hours service to support staff on public holidays and outside of normal working hours. If there are immediate changes to your circumstances that need to be reflected in your care arrangements, you or a carer can let us know.

Depending on where you live, you might receive your Care at Home Services from an independent organisation on our behalf. We're regulated and inspected by the Care Inspectorate, which is responsible for making sure social care and social work services are in line with National Care Standards. Click here to read our last Inspection Report.

The Care Inspectorate also investigates complaints about registered services.