Starting Solids

Introducing your baby to solid foods is often called "weaning". It's a really important step in your child's development, and should be a fun (and messy!) experience for everyone, but lots of parents worry about when and how to wean.

Starting Solids

Health experts recommend that babies should start eating solid foods from about the age of six months. For the first six months, all the nourishment that your baby needs comes from breast milk (or infant formula), but after that, your baby will need more nutrients than milk alone can provide, for example, iron.

You should aim to gradually increase the variety and amount of solid food that your baby eats so that, by 12 months old, food rather than milk is the main part of his or her diet.  This will help your baby to grow and develop properly.



Our top tips will help you wean your baby:

ideally, weaning should take place when your baby is six months old (full term)at this stage, your baby can sit with their head unsupported, has more developed eye-hand co-ordination and can swallow food

  • the list of foods your baby can eat at six months is endless and you don't need to puree it, saving you lots of time
  • you can also give them finger foods, such as toast, bananas etc
  • your baby benefits from being part of family meals and they will learn by watching and copying others
  • you can still continue breastfeeding to provide all the fluid the baby needs.

Your midwife or heath visitor will be able to provide you with any additional information on local groups and services.

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