Oral Health

Good dental health is important for everyone, including babies. You can start brushing your baby's teeth as soon as they start to come through. Taking them with you for your dental visits can also get them used to the unusual smells of the dentist.

Staying Healthy / Family Eating

You can look after both your and your child's teeth and gums by following a few simple tips:

  • brush teeth and gums twice a day in the morning and last thing at night. Use toothpaste containing 1450ppm (parts per million) fluoride
  • children should be supervised until the age of seven and you should encourage them not to swallow toothpaste while brushing
  • spit, don't rinse, after brushing - this gives the toothpaste time to work to protect the teeth



  • keep food and drinks containing sugar to mealtimes only
  • plain milk and tap water are the safest drinks for teeth
  • register with a dentist and visit as advised.

You can find out more information and advice from your dentist and health visitor.

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