Child Safety

Children are very inquisitive and it's easy to forget some of the simple safety messages when you are busy with small children. Your home can contain many hazards for young children but following our top tips can help you keep your child safe.

Staying Healthy / Family Eating
  • children can open containers by the age of 13 months, so make sure you keep chemicals, medicines and cleaning products, including liquitabs for washing machines, out of your child's reach or in a locked cupboard
  • make sure that power cables on kettles and other appliances are pushed back so that your child can't reach them
  • when you're cooking, use the back burners of your hob, and always turn the pan handles away from the edge of the cooker
  • remember, always store all plastic bags and nappy sacks out of reach of your child to avoid the risk of suffocation
  • keep hot drinks well away from little hands and don't reach over your tot's head to get a hot drink
  • avoid using tablecloths and mats that can be pulled off tables and work surfaces
  • tie up blinds cords and chains - these can choke a small child
  • when you are running your child's bath, always put the cold water in first and test the temperature of the bath before putting your child in
  • if you have hot towel rails, cover them with a towel when they are switched on.

You can find out more information and support via your health visitor.

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