It may seem like ages until you actually give birth, but how you will feed your baby is an important decision and one that can have lifelong benefits for your health, as well as your baby's.

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Breastfeeding is much more than a method of feeding your baby, and is much more than food. Breast milk has all the nourishment your baby needs and there are many benefits for you too.

You may have already decided to breastfeed, or perhaps you are still making up your mind. Breastfeeding your baby can reduce the risk of your baby getting a range of complications, including chest infections, gastroenteritis, ear infections, urinary infections and diabetes.

You can also benefit from a reduced risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and you can also burn 300-400 calories a day breastfeeding.

Remember, breastfeeding mums are protected by law. The Breastfeeding etc (Scotland) Act 2005 Women gives you the right to breastfeed your child in a public place, as long as the child is legally allowed to be in that place.

If someone deliberately prevents or stops you from feeding your child under two, they are committing a criminal offence and can be prosecuted and, if found guilty, ordered to pay a fine of £2,500.

Want to know more?
Your midwife will be able to discuss the benefits of breastfeeding with you.

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Looking for some support with breastfeeding? We have lots of virtual groups you can join.

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