Healthy Snacks

Snacks and drinks are an important part of your young child's diet, but sometimes providing healthy snacks can be repetitive and expensive if you buy from the supermarket baby aisle.

Photo Healthy Snacks

It is best to give your child snacks that are low in sugar and salt. Sweets, chocolate and crisps are high in fat, sugar and salt so if you are giving them at all, it should only be once a week.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, toast, rice cakes and natural yogurt are great healthy snacks. A portion of fruit and vegetables is the size of the palm of their hand. Try to give your child at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day - remember, through, that dried fruits are high in sugar.

It's especially important to cut grapes into small pieces and always keep a very close eye when on your child when they are eating.

And try not to fill up their little tummies just before meal times.

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